Slide-in part rail no tensioner

plug-in unit for c-rail; UL plastic

MSRP $8.80
IMAPP $8.80

Product Features:

  • Slide-in chain tensioner for SOMMER garage door operator rails
  • Compatible with Synoris, Direct Drive, Duo Vision, evo+, and pro+ rails
  • Chain holder and tensioning mechanism not included
  • Includes embossed arrow for gauging correct chain tension


Technical Specifications:

  • Brand: SOMMER
  • Material: fiber-reinforced UL plastic
  • Assembled item size: 4.25"3"x1.25"
  • Color: black
  • Warranty: two years from date of instalaltion


Shipping Information:

  • Unit: piece
  • Unit size: 4.25"x3"x1.25"
  • Unit weight: 0.2 lb.
  • Shipping size single unit: 12"x8"x1.5"
  • Shipping weight single unit: 0.24 lb.
  • Country of origin: Germany